Offended & Proud by the Inauguration…

by Raakin Iqbal

We are all grateful that America has finally moved on and elected the 1st African American to be the leader of the free world. I my self am a big Barack Hussain Obama. I volunteered at his VA location and also at the Young Democrats location in Fairfax. So I my self am a big supporter of Change.

So the question I am sure you are raising eyebrows is “Why are you offended by the Inauguration?” Let me basically start and build to my main point.

Don’t you hate it when someone introduces you and they either make a mistake or pronounce your name wrong? and not because of a common accident. But because there was some MEANING behind it? maybe hate? or to carry some message to your surrounding environment?

Like for instance when someone was introducing me and a close friend and she had some “beef” with my friend who had accompanied me purposely mispronounced her name. It really offended me. Why cant you treat someone as how you want to be treated?

So why was I offended? Approximately around 11:40 am on the televised broadcast. The announcer who was introducing all the senators, previous presidents, and other members of congress, he would clearly state there full name, such as “George Walker Bush”. But when he announced Mr. Obama’s name around 11:40 am, he did not say “Barack Hussain Obama” but instead “Barack H. Obama”. I was like “”. Was that done on purpose? Hating an Islamic name? …Whatever…

Then as moment in history continued to unfold it self. A speaker came up (i forgot his name) and gave a speech which he referenced all the religious prophets and “religion heads” of all the major monotheistic beliefs. He mentioned all of them people who started a religion or belief but he failed to mention Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Because I could’ve sworn he was a founder on the fastest growing religions in the world. It just questions me, was this done on purpose? is there some “secret hate against Muslims in the political system but no one cant show it publicly? Because remember, this nation is a “free nation”. Any religion can come out and practice what they feel. Because of this amazing Constitution which allows us to practice what we feel. Giving organizations such as CAIR, our local Mosques, and Islamic based charity based organization to practice good will in these United States of America.

Some proud moments includes quotes which Mr. Obama said in his speech. It rejuvenates us the General Public. a quote or two which really got my attention was, “Society judges you on what you build…not what you destroy”. I am guessing he is referencing to Iraq and other foreign policies the U.S has decided to get involved in. Another favorite was “The Challenges We Face Are Real”. Now with Mr. Obama in office officially, he has quite a lot of work to do. The economic down spiral, the two wars, and creating jobs. So these major elements are great challenges and now we have 4 years to see how the guy who gave us hope of change will act. 

But as I continue to witness History unfold (towards the end of the program), the speakers started to incorporate Islamic terms such as “Mosque” in there dialog. Now I am not sure was that if it was pre-planned in there speeches of if they realized that the people before them really screwed up and some nut who writes a entertainment blog will point it out and post something general about it.