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Month: August, 2008

Did Bollywood Really Die?

Welcome back to the blog! Well I am sure you are scratching your head about the title I have chosen for this blog post. So before I start lets play a classic game of “Lets guess what does Raakin’s Blog title mean?”..Did Bollywood really die? Is SRK ok? Did Bollywood copy a “writers” strike as how it took place in Hollywood earlier in 2008? Well what can I say, you are so wrong. Bollywood did not literally die, If anything happened to SRK, I am sure I would not be your 1st source in hearing that, Your Desi Hungama Mobile SMS Subscriptions would tell you 1st, and We know Bollywood is a big copy cat machine in movie concepts but no Bollywood will still have more movies coming towards your way in 2009.

The real meaning of of this post is did all the Bollywood song writers die? Well at least the creative ones? What do I mean? Well I have notices that in the past 7 years of Bollywood music compositions is that the lyrics for Bollywood musical hit tracks are the exact same lyrics from 10-26 years ago as according to research and very reliable Bollywood Music Junkies that I have in my group of friends on my Facebook. Some old examples I can give you it the very popular DJ DOLL “remixed” CD collections or the recent Bollywood movie number from the movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno” Its quite a really old song. Do the research.

So again, back to the title. SO why does it say “Did Bollywood Really Die?” and not “Did Bollywood Musical Creativity Really Die?” The 3 things which keeps Bollywood Different from Hollywood:

1.) It Represents the Indian Culture (Well not anymore as much as it did back 15+ years ago)
2.) Its in Hindi (English is blending in quite slowly..give it 35 more years and Hindi will be gone)

The Main Key Aspect which keeps it Different:
3.) Bollywood Musical Intermission Numbers which go out through out the motion picture.

Movie without any musical numbers? Well there are a few but Bollywood Musical Numbers is almost 89% of Bollywood, without a catchy soundtrack, it gets quite hard to remember the movie. Like for instance if I Say “Darka Disco” you know “BOOM its OM SHAANTI OM” which starred SRK…

Haven’t you also noticed how more recent Bollywood numbers are coming from Pakistani song writers? For example “CALL the Band for Laaree Choote”, Kamran Ahmad for “Judai” Could I forget to mention Atif Aslam and Adeel Ch. Like I am not saying its bad…(I cant cause iam part Pakistani)…Its good..really good that they have opened up to Pakistan…but wasn’t Bollywood created to be Indian Only back 40 years ago and Pakistan has there “Lollywood” Gig? What I mean from this paragraph is the creativity of Bollywood Song lyrics coming from Lollywood song writers who did not get the exposure in the Lollywood market due to the suppression and lack of resources? and now there taking out there talent in Bollywood?

Its so bad that I have seen Talented Pakistani writers trying to go to India instead of trying to improve Lollywood cause obviously its “All about the money”. I will get into that in my next post….
Now now, I am not saying Bollywood Musical Writers have ALL died out. I am not saying that. You just don’t get that FULL AMOUNT of Creativity in the big batch of songs we all listen to. Like I know about 10+ years ago you had this awesome musical single that had everyone dancing to and beaming it on there tape players. Now its like 78% of musical tracks are old tracks from our parents and grand parents time and the 22% is actually composed from scratch to finish. A few examples I can give you from recent movies tracks like “Pappu Cant Dance”, or just mentioned example above “Dardi Disco” from OM SHAANTI OM”.

So we need more Bollywood musical writers to be more creative. Lets move on…Redo Bollywood…Have some fun with the lyrics. Anyone who is becoming a aspiring Bollywood Director or Screenwriter, take this INTO consideration. Your movie can suck and have the worst concept behind it, but the music is really what makes it sell. A GREAT example is “JHOOM BARAR JHOOM”. Horrible movie, awesome songs. SO remember that. If you cant afford the SRK, SALMAN KHAN, PRYINKYA CHOOPRA for your next film, just get a creative musical director on board and you will be set!


political analysis- Musharaf Resignation

Today Pakistani civilian elected President Musharraf announced his resignation on National Television after serving his country for over 9 years. He meanings and intentions behind the resignation was to avoid any impeachment that “may” take place with the opposing government that is in control. He said in a hour long press conference that what he did for Pakistan was for the best for Pakistan. Also before he made this rash decision he had consulted with many political alias and legal console.

Usually I don’t talk about politics in my blog. My blog is geared more towards entertainment, business management, and some life experience that may come in handy or so. But in a sense to me, because of the support Musharraf, the entertainment industry in Pakistan Flourished and media became more stronger than ever. So that is my excuse for this post.

So lets get started…

During Musharraf’s reign in power, Pakistan faced great economy gain and the Pakistani Rupee also gained more in value against the United States Dollar. Like before his time, when did you see the Pakistani Rupee valued at 56 RS +/- = 1 USD? Well that actually happened for a well 2 1/2 4 years during his term.

Living life in Pakistan during the 1st 4-6 years of his term was very “tense-less”. No food issue, no low shadowing, Water supply in tact, like domestically, Pakistan was improving. Which is why TIMES Magazine called Pakistan the most progressed country within 5 years back in 2006/7 (I would love to cite that information out, but Time magazine doesn’t really have an online archive).

The Entertainment industry went places. He worked with many media outlets to get them privatized and some adequate funding for start-ups to help encourage competition. Which led to over 25+ Pakistani “home-breed” Channels. The modeling industry was more liberal on what they would wear on the catwalk. Designers were”exploring” new dress options. Musical Rock bands came into the scene. It was like the Domino theory. Cinema’s were starting to appear and actually play HIGH QUALITY AMERICAN and INDIAN MOVIES! <—And have good seats and not musty popcorn and all for a low cost of 150+ RS +/-.

These are just the broad examples I can give you about the progressive movement that he took the country. Now here is where is started screwing up..and some may be out of panic…

1.) The whole emergency. That really did piss people off. It wasn’t really needed. In a sense I would call it a “Pakistani Low Shadowing”.

2.) Free Media. Yes this flaw seems wired coming from me..because I support free media and press press…obviously I am exercising it right now as I write this blog..but that was a mistake. Why? Well his intentions were good. Free news media is the way to go. But always check the demographics. Pakistan has a 76-80% illiteracy rate. Basically meaning that whole percentage can not read or write. Also a very vital demographic category…Education….It sucks…..The don’t learn….Women in Rural area’s are still oppressed by there fathers and 20 year older then them husbands….in which 15%+ don’t preach Islam but hate….

Free media should only be implemented when the demographic is…(I am sorry to say)…is smart enough to understand both sides of the story. Civilization needs to occur.

Those are just the two major flaws I see that are important to me that must be discussed in this blog.

SO what should we do now?

Well 1st of all…advice to Musharraf….

1.) disappear out of scene for a bit…Keep a very low profile….Take a Vacation…Shall I recommend the Bahama’s…the Weather is simply amazing! You and I know the county is going to be in ruins….Like I am not sure if you saw my previous post..but I had a chat with a few IMF people at OPEN Washington D.C picnic…and they are projecting the 1 USD = 176 RS +/- within 1 year. That is what they are seeing….at we are already 78- almost 80 within 2 months since of 1st projection was casted…it can come really close….anyways…

When you see it Pakistan in ruins..come back with a more stronger team! run advertisements on GEO (and keep it on GEO…I have noticed that Pakistan’s are calling GEO News there 1 source of information and belief dummy) about how YOU made the country so much better…a great indicator for you to come back..When the cost of Naan (Bread) has reached 30 RS +/-.

2.) Work to with the connections you have to get Financials statements released! and Also release yours as well. Try to get it validated by Great Britain Notary….The Brits still have Psychological control on most Pakistani’s…

3.) Work out an Alliance with Dubai! Get them to favor you.

I can give you many more suggestions as well..But the ones I have said so far have a “coded” message behind it….I am sure your smart self can crack it and maybe take it into consideration…

But heck who am I to say…I am just a guy in the entertainment industry….