No unity in Lollywood + Greediness = What Industry are we talking about?

Before I start. I would like to thank God for keeping me alive and strong to see this day which history just unfolded. In which a hard working Republican, John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin, put up an amazing campaign against the 1st African American President, Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

– Its official on November 4th at 11:00PM EST that Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America.

Ok a more entertaining and “WOW” note for me, I would like to thank Mr. Ali Hamza of the wide acclaimed Pakistani rock pioneer band, Noori, for writing me such a warming comment on my facebook inbox. Ali Hamza said {I quote}

“I find you to be a rather ‘developed’ 21st century ‘desi‘”

That is just bloody amazing!

Thanks man!

Ok so now to the post: Where do I get this topic from? Well here is my spill. Lollywood isnt united and the industries which function within it does not function with each other as it should be. Like Lollywood has all of the necessary sectors..such as sponsorship, a very competitive fashion industry, rock, pop, classical, ghazal, movies, dramas, and stuff I could mention which you would find in a hidden ally under the “blue area” of Islamabad. Some of the sectors which Lollywood has makes it more diverse than Bollywood (the heavy weight champion) believe it or not. One common and well known is the Rock sector, Pakistan has rock bands and India doesn’t have yet (well has but in the “copying” process). Like its easier to get into the Bollywood industry if your a unique rock band which can dual appeal to two different audiences.

So what keeps Lollywood out of the ranks? Well its a chain reaction. Its starts from one point and leads to the next. I can get political, but I wont. I would like to come a visit Pakistan and slap the idiots who come from Pakistan to the U.S with an ego for an event…But I cant do that if I go commando on politics! But very tempting….

SO here is the quick general chain. Lollywood is ruled by suppression of media which comes after lack of attention from any government, which comes after less funding, that is before lack of resources, that is lack of no self government, which comes from no national rating or cinema distribution outlets, which comes from no Union.

I hope you didn’t get lost? Cause I did 😛

That is just a quick overview which I will discuss in another topic.

1.) No UnionLollywood isn’t united. Each industry is fight with another. Like the Rock will never work with pop unless its for some “schematic cause”. Movies will never fade with Drama, Models think there 90 LBS (or -0.0001 KG to be sarcastic) bodies are the hottest thing which rules the earth and will never lay sight on any other guy or gal in other industries. Like they are in there own pack. Like a Pack of Wolves…just hotter looking :). What I am talking about it that we need each industry to fade and click together.

Like from my research on different industries and experience on working with them gives me a very critical knowledge on where we are all messing up. Like what I need is Models to work musicians and charities. Musicians to work with Drama producers which can keep a momentum and eventually END a drama with a big bang. Movies to work with models, musicians, charters, and think of the well growth of the industry and a more unified country as a whole.

2.) Destroy the barrier and greediness. NO it doesn’t mean if Reema donated some million rupee’s to the Edhi foundation as an anonymous donar, it makes you all good souls! I know a few personally who do donate, which is good. But seriously. I would never trust a Pakistani Foundation. Never…Not even that foundation GEO and ARY run in trying to make dreams come possible for low income “Featured citizens” of Pakistan. There are like maybe 1 or 2 foundations which have made a name and creditability for them self’s to operate as a functioning foundation.

I am talking about I want to see for example…Imam Ali, Amna Haq, Ali Zafar, etc… physically helping the kids who were just effected by the earthquake a few days ago. I want to see Dino and Anoushey hosting a special show which helps young kids get into the media industry!

The elite (investors, celebrities, politicians) have created there own circle and minusing everyone out of the equation. Isn’t it quite funny if we did minus 98% of the population, then you the elitist would be the one making me my daily batch of soccer balls and cleaning out my vacation home in Islamabad 🙂

Like I have scenes is that Lollywood never thinks about anyone else..except for them self’s. Like here is a great example!

When Barack Obama was running for President here in the United States. He clearly said if you were making less than $250,000 in your household income, you will never see your taxes raised by a penny during his 4 years. Now obviously celebrities make WELL OVER $250,000 a year (man they make $1.1 million per movie…do the math!). Regardless of his view which gave a negative effect on taxes for the high-media-income families and performers, Obama was able to charge $15,000 USD PER PLATE at a celebrity fundraising dinner. Now you tell me..which celeb would pay $15,000 for a plat for half eaten waffles and a glass of wine/coke/water and see there taxes raise by 25%? Now they thought about the people who wernt making $1.1 million per movie. The people who live day to day..hand to hand to keep a family well fed and dressed for the days ahead.

Now if these guys had a “Lollywoodtemperate…then Barack would only $500 per plate and a few good hearted people would show up.

So what I am trying to say is please try to come together…provide each other with your resources you have access to help fluoresce your industry which you claim you work in! Crack-down this Berlin Wall of yours and give back and think about the days you and YOUR family went through before hitting the lime-light or making that 1st 100,000 RS +/- cheque!