Creating your Identity

by Raakin Iqbal

When it comes to any industry whether its Entertainment, Medical, Law, or what ever..You need to have an Identity” to be recognized. Now from what you may assume or define identity as a “name or something you as in individual is referenced as”. Like for example If I say Bill Gates..You say “Billionaire” (even though he isnt the richest man anymore)..If I say Tooba Siddiqui..You say Definition of a Pakistani Model/Actress….If I say SRK…You get Bollywood King (who also in recent reports shown has gained more popularity then TOM CRUISE)…or my favorite one is if I say John & Kate + 8..You say please burn them alive and save my television set….

So by just naming few big names in America, Pakistan & India gives you the idea what I am talking about. Like I personally can start a great story. When I had started, I was just Raakin…a 13 year old kid who wanted to do something BIG! A kid who would talk high about himself and somehow manage to make it happen. Then one day I was in summer school working on Alg and a guy comes up to me and starts to ask me a question

“I am writing a article about why smart kids are going to summer school..and I wanted to interview that ok?”

I was like…Yea sure..handed him my phone number..not knowing I was just about to start on a Journey in creating what I am known for (For being Chuck Bass 😉 .. :O )..About 2 months later..That reporter made me front page news on the Washington Post and giving me the Title “South Asian Music Mogul”. And from there….I had the blessing of ever piece of work I would do..I would get featured for it…Every time something about me came out..It just built the motivation..(but I will talk about that later). I think one of the largest accomplishments I had done during my “Building Identity” phase was by producing my 1st ever Nationwide Rock Tour by the age of 19….That Landed me a BIG interview on Capital Hill…

One of my favorite identity quotes about me was:

“To call Iqbal a Type A personality would be shortchanging him: He is more of an AAA — as in the battery type”.

– America.Gov

Eventually I started to notice that if I went on Front page and start typing in my name and you know how Google attempts to suggest what you are trying to search..Well it would start popping up my name..So then that is when I started to notice that my identity foundation is almost complete. But other than my personal name as for identity, I started working on the name “HUQA” as my idenity…such as how you say “Virgin” and you get Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, which controls Virgin Airlines/America, Virgin Music, Virgin Wireless, etc….So I am working on that some what Identical road. When you say “HUQA” ..Raakin Iqbal better be coming up in that conversation 🙂

So to start killing my runt down and start focus on technical side of this post….I would say utilize the social media age to your advantage..Like I use Facebook, MySpace, and 25+ other sites to built the identity of HUQA. Now after 2 years of killing my eyes and wrist bones..HUQA now is one of the most prefered names in the Washington D.C area and we have started to become known in Lahore, Karachi, Mumbai, and the U.K. Because we took a social media as a way to communicate with our followers and started updating the social profiles more than our own WEBSITE! (that is a bad thing..keep a balance)…

The greatest benefit that entrepreneurs have present-day that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs wished they had been the information media market age. We have marketing handed to why not utilize it. Obviously it comes with its strategies and drawbacks..which I wont tell you cause thats my secret… 🙂

The Thanksgiving Holiday just passed and I had family over from Chicago. Well on one of the days, they were invited to a wedding and I had later on attended. My cousin had given him (his friend) a small intro about me that I am a dude who owns a business..thats all…So he asked me for a card..handed it to him…and he was like “Wait..HUQA? I heard of that name? You just had this really big production 2 weeks ago? Heard the Lighting was amazing!” Well I have heard of that before..from people..but I wanted to use that as an example to say how much our Identity is what makes us go forward.

I want to close off this blog by Quoting Richard R. Grant.

“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.”

– Richard R. Grant