Raakin Iqbal is an aspiring media entrepreneur! He started Huqa Entertainment back in 2003. Huqa Entertainment operated as a part time deejay company that functioned within the family events. Iqbal took it up one step further and started purchasing production equipment and creating working relationships with nearby production companies. As well as working there as an additional stagehand.

Then in 2006, he started booking larger size concert gigs for production work in which he would subcontract them to larger companies in the area until 2008 till he stared purchasing more industrial line of equipment for his inventory. Now Huqa Entertainment operates as a event consulting/production-Audio/VIsual firm. Providing its services to private and corporate clients such as National Geographic, the CW, George Mason University, and quite a few more.

Huqa Entertainment has also sponsored charity events such as “Women and Children affected by the damage of ACID in Bangladesh”.

Iqbal is an event producer, which he operates under “Raakin Iqbal Productions”. Raakin Iqbal Productions has produced events that cater to a special need, carry out a message, or interest. His most famous event which he produced was called “Make Chai not War”. Which featured a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, and Sikh comedians. The event was covered by America.Gov. Which the writer wrote:

“To call Iqbal a Type A personality would be shortchanging him: He is more of an AAA — as in the battery type”.