by Raakin Iqbal

Hello! Well as you can see it has been QUITE some time since my last post. If you look at it. My last post was back in May when our event season was about to pick up. I thought Id be able to manage work load, 12 credits and this blog post but it seemed I failed on the blog post side. So now with the season coming down to the wraps and our staff here @ HUQA & 2 Republic are now gearing for next year and continuing to work on our year-round projects such as our albums we manage & distribute on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and 90+ other stores.

2 Republic Music Group started off by distributing the 1st Pakistani Artist ever on iTunes 6 years ago, which was CALL (Jilawatan Album). 2 Republic was a HUQA beta program to allow HUQA to expand further in the entertainment field. Well now its slowly better solidifying its base and we may make the big announcement sooner.

But anyways let me get started on this post then…I want to take the next 3 1/2 months to summarize and put my self together. Learn from all the tracks I have left. Its always great to stop time and just rethink your self. Like just an interesting trivia or what I noticed…People from the Asia-Pacific Islander (China, Indonesia, Japan, etc…) background always seem to sit down when they think. Like for example, when they leave the house to go somewhere. They will stop, sit on a set of stairs and take a deep breath and think “Did we forget anything?” They say by sitting down, the blood circulates through your mind and helps the recall better versus you standing up in panicking mode and attempting to recall.

So taking that from my notes, I stopped my fast pace life and just want to sit down and feel as if I am redeeming my self. This is a moment that will also tell me who my real friends are as well. I know somethings I need to change is my sleeping schedule. Working during season only gave me 3-4 hours of sleep daily. Which causes me to look really ugly. If you talk to any of my ex’s who have tried to get to know me will tell you I hate the black circles or bags that are formed from lack of sleep! It just makes you depreciate your age face by a good 3-8 years.

Other than my sleeping schedule, I need to better regain my faith. I feel as I am loosing my religious side to a “non-existent parallels”. such as I live my life by blocks in a day. I do one thing..and just move on to the next. Not taking anytime to sit and thank God for all that he has given me. Which I am sure he is mad @ me cause I know i’d be mad if I helped someone out and they cant return by just saying a “Thank You”.

Redemption also covers my interactions. The people who I live and interact with everyday..They have been there from my start as a confused Family DJ who would carry his CD case around with him everywhere to one of my largest shows which we did production for was the Grammy Brian McNight gig..and those special people is my family. Without the help of my family, I would be no where…Which is why entrepreneurship is more supported in the USA then in Pakistan. It seems the concept is slowly grasping in India which is always a great plus for INNOVATION!

I am not writing this post to tell you where I feel I may have gone wrong. But writing this to maybe suggest that by going through a redemption process really makes you feel more pure and stronger as a human bean. Well you recollect your self, just be critical of your self. Don’t by shy or attempt to blind out bad mistakes…If you feel you betrayed someone, then don’t stop and mentally prove to your self why it was right. I know I made a few bad business deals which at sense feels embarrassing…so embarrassing that only a peanut could do a better job then me @ this…So I give you Redemption!