Meeting the Stars (Pakistan 2008 Series) Pt.1 (Ali Noor & Ali Hamza)

by Raakin Iqbal

I am sure I am not the 1st lad writing a series of whom I met. But my series is quite temporary. I am basically going to be writing about people who i have had the pleasure of meeting in my recent trip to Pakistan.

So to show case my 1st person or in this case persons is Ali Noor and Ali Hamza from the hit rock band, Noori.

Noori is one of Pakistan’s most demanded rock bands. In some case I consider them a “formation father” of the Pakistani Rock scene. A casual way of putting it is they basically picked up the remains of Junoon and 90 Rock and fused educated lyrics to it. Which is what the industry needs.

Well here is how the story goes of our meet up…

Once upon a time there was a dude named Raakin who was staying with a really good friend and his family in defense sector or Lahore. Raakin decided to pick up the phone and see what was Ali Hamza upto..maybe an ice date @ hotspot was lurking the evil mind of Raakin Iqbal. Well when Raakin had called and offered to take him and Ali Noor for Ice Cream, He offered that he comes over to there residence for some good chai and amazing pastry’s.

Well when Raakin arrived, Ali Noor, Ali Hamza and Raakin got engaged in a very heated conversation about what is happening in our industry and what role must be played by the artist, organizer, sponsor, and government. As one topic lead to another topic and one pastry to another, Ali Noor and Raakin found out they share a common fear together… 😛

Later on I met there manager and Ali Noor’s very supportive wife, Mandana, who I must say was the most creative in practical skills.

Overall the meeting was very productive and I got to learn more about the band and the creative minds behind such success….