Hanging with Pakistani Pop Sensation, Ali Zafar (Who I met in Pak Series Contin…)

by Raakin Iqbal

Well If you haven’t been following this mini series of posts I have been writing about the Past Pakistan Trip I made back in December 08. This post is really long over due so I thought I would get this post finally out of my draft box and get it out there.

When I visited Pakistan, I had my 1st stop in Lahore where I had stayed with a good friend of mine who had also traveled to Pak in the same time frame but got there a day before I did. So him & his family were very kind enough to crash @ there place while my cousins in lahore were in Islamabad for a family wedding (Why I wasn’t @ that wedding and my mom was..out of my control..). I had reached out to all of my Lahori based Pak contacts and told them about my spontaneous visit to there mother land. Well from everyone who replied back setting up dates and time with me, one of them was Ali Zafar.

I met Ali Zafar back in 2007 of labor day.. when I got a Call from a good friend of mine saying “Ali is in D.C..You should connect with him”. Ali was in town for a concert which was taking place in the D.C area. When I had met him at his hotel around 9:15 PM, him and his manager (Haroon, one of the best artist managers I personally think 😉 ) had told me how Ali was looking for a few guitar and intrument parts for his concert the following day. So its already 9:30PM by that time and all the Guitar shops were either closed or closing by 9:30PM. After making a few phone calls, the nearby Guitar Center agreed to keep the store open for Ali Zafar until he had found what he was looking for. So a BIG shout-out to my buddies @ Guitar Center for keeping open for us…Big thanks to that contact who really helped me out 🙂 So Concert goes perfect (come on..performer like Ali Zafar..its only fun…) , I get the oppertunity to talk to Ali more, get to know more and everything…And even had them finalzie there album iTunes deal with us before they hoped on the plane to there next destination. They were here for a good 4 days..everyday, something interesting was happening and I personally had a great time… 

Ali had written back and given me a warm welcome via facebook and said to accompany him to private gig where Ali Azmat was playing. I was thrilled! and after getting all ready and all..we make a move towards his home and meet up with a few more of Ali’s friends and just enjoyed the ride to the Cafe. 

The gig was great..I didn’t know ill run into Atif Aslam there..After the gig we all went for dinner at a neat looking restaurant which I must say had great food. 

Through-out my stay in lahore, Ali was I would say my “Lahori advisor”. He would give me his recommendations and tell me the where to Hang-out was a must! I really my say it out there..A lot of people have said that these big Pak stars are quite mean and some may even deny your existence upon meeting them and personally I think a real genuine and must say original person like Ali Zafar are really rare in the industry. I wish him the best with his career and I know a great guy is going far! Kudos to you!!