Pakistani Popstar Ego? What in the hell do you think you are?

by Raakin Iqbal

Readers tell me this…dont you hate it when you offer any type of assistance to anyone in general and eventually they just giving you the “shoulder treatment”? Dont you just hate it when you deal with people who think they are the biggest thing since Rhianna or SRK (for my Indian/Bollywood readers)?  Well that is what I am facing when ever I bring or meet a Pakistani Popstar…”Egotism”.  Now, not all of them are like that…Quite a lot are the friendly, joking, and humble ones…But then you have the ones who think they are the best thing since Oprah! but minus the advice and good Samaritan aspect of it.

My most favorite thing is how the ones who are bigger in fame and name value are 85% chance of the more humble and down to earth V.S the ones who only have 1 song out in the market and expect you to do a tour for them for $7K base price. So does that mean the black hole in the universe crashed and the bigger the name you are in Pakistan media, the more humble you are with people who either are supporting you, fans, and your surroundings…???? Its an interesting theory which has to be tested… So I am going to test it…I still remember my dreadful days in elementary school and the science fair. Remember those neat Science Fair projects we would have to assemble and present to a panel of judges and your score on that would determine if you are smart enough in elementary school? Well I guess 4 years of doing crap like that might payoff. So here are my variables:

Independent Variable (what changes)- The people in there Category. Such as there will be a category for – Musicians – Actors  -Event Coordinators -Fashion Designers

Dependent Variable (what remains the same)-My attitude towards them

Excluded- Models (We all know they are hot, arrogant, and men in Pakistan use them to pass time..not even to commit…{you never know..I might defeat that theory and come backed hitched!} <—- HAHAHAHA 😀 )

After running this test, I will see if my theory holds its value:

“The larger your are known in the Pakistani music media, the more humble you are & the more larger you are in the fashion media the more arrogant and hot you are”

{I am just wondering if I could appeal that B+ on my Science exam I got 5 years ago If I present such a hypothesis}   :/

Its funny, people say I have such a witty, blunt, and happy charisma (blunt and happy..this dude is soo getting high as he writes this post}…Like I my self am pretty chill and love animals and BBQ tandoori chicken! but when you give me that ego..I will shoot you down back to hell with me. And its funny how such Pakistani popstars feel so offended when I do..They are like…WTF? did he just say what I think he just said? Who does he think of him self? I told 100,000 albums in Pakistan and 2 million downloads on! Who is this Raakin Character who just said that to ME..MUUAH!?????? and its funny..such arrogant people make it sooo obvious! ITS HILARIOUS! OO god…if Pakistan wasn’t a small country..I would call out names! but MAAN! those are PRICELESS MOMENTS!

anyhow…I am going on a trip soon and I will document it! and post it up on my blog very soon! Lets see how it goes!!!!!