The Raakin Iqbal Show? …What are you talking about?

by Raakin Iqbal

I wanted to start off by saying thank you for giving me 1200+ hits on my blog. It quite interesting how people do read what I write…didn’t really expect it…and the response in the amounts of emails I am getting it just…you make me feel if I am worth of something in this society..

Well a few emails I have gotten say I should take my “blogging energy” and start a T.V show. Believe it or not, even a few Pakistani music artists have insisted on it. Offering me to help get a package together and introduce me to the right C.E.Os and all…Which I am very thank full of. I think a show would be an excellent idea! Well atleast I can stop exposing the fact that I cant write and also how much of an idiot people are when they just can’t seem to read my disclaimer “This blog is not grammatically correct..So lay off the English professor card..”.

One thing I am very hesitate on starting a television show in the Pakistani market is:

– How many more emails would it take for a station to swipe my idea again?

Now I know that I am very thankful for my position that Allah has put me in. But makes me realize how many other people in the media industry have been ripped off just as I was. I can start a whole different topic on that one day…

But my show would be amazing if I start thinking about it more.

I think the best part would be in having my own show is the nice comfy seat I will have as I talk to the biggest names in Pakistani media industry like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, and my imaginary friends Walleed and Babbo. (I am officially mentally insane now)

Anyhow, I think I might keep this post short. Thinking about getting a designer to change up the look. Lets see….

Happy Holidays!