Dependency on People- Lesson

by Raakin Iqbal

So in the years I have been working in the entertainment industry, one of the big key things I have learned is not to depend on people to get the job done. Its like you tell a co-worker to get something done, knowing your relationship with that worker) and then on the day of the judgement, nothing is done. Autcally its the other way around! You needed something else and the total opposite is done. When you go to do employee reviews and ask him/her why did you screw up. They will give you the answer you knew you were going to get “O because you told us to do so”. Then when you go through your notes on what you have instructed them to do so, they come out be liers! Puts you in a hard situation.

You know what you want to do is right for the companies best interest, but then your personal commitments are on line. So by the element of dependency leads to you things you JUST COULD NOT imagin! Like here is a life relating example (based on a true story).

So like I was doing an event in Washington D.C. I had told a small group of employees to get certain tasks completed before I arrive with the artist’s at the venue. When I arrive, only 35% of the job is done and there is less than 2 1/2 hours till the concert! and even that 35% that is done is 12% wrong! Like a key factor is staffing. Like when I arrived at the venue, stage modifications wern’t done and chairs wern’t even set up. Like my intention was I would walk in, arrange sponsorship material, hosting dialog while the performers do sound check. So when I asked where the staff was (which I assigned one employee to do staffing, and gotten an answer that they will be there), he said “O they are on there way. But I have to go Raakin, I want to go home and change. So I was like, OK, you do that….1 1/2 hour passes, and still NO ONE! except for 1 guy who shows up but 1 hour late.

At the same time, the food and drinks were arriving, so I set that additional guy to go and help them set up. While I physically started running and setting up chairs. Now here where is gets REALLY EMBARRASSING! from my end. As I am rushing to set up, The Organization, who booked the hall for us, so we would not pay the full price for the venue. Started helping me out of her good intentions (if your reading this THANKS A MILLION!). I insisted a few times that Please stop, but she kept going on and got her group of friends to start helping me out. Now I am sure you are like, ok, well everyone dones that..whats so bad about that. Well then here where is really starts to suck! She (the president of the organization) got into a total car wreck the NIGHT BEFORE! So she was in a CAST! and I am like “Wow..WHERE ARE MY EMPLOYEES!!!??!!??!??!!??!!” Now I am not sure if anyone understands my point of view, but that is very bad! and again If you are reading this! THANKS A MILLION and a BILLION..ok TRILLION!!

So taking this from my past history, I have made clear that when I do my next, Side gig event as Raakin Iqbal Production, I will still assign task’s but will need to follow up with employees and any potential sponsors!