Women in Pakistani Music? Where did they go?

by Raakin Iqbal

Ok I am sure the title of this blog gave away this post (darn). Well when I switch on ARY, GEO, the Muzik, or Aag, why do I only see men with a guitar singing songs about women? Why can’t I find (especially in the 21st Century) a women who is singing pop or even better, Rock MUSIC! in the Pakistan Music industry? Like I am not saying Pakistan music industry is a total “Sausage Fest”, like there are women in it, but very few and no, I don’t mean you sing one track which becomes a hit and you move on! What I am talking about is Hadiqa Khayani, she has been in this industry for quite some time and now classified as a very “reputable musician”. Some examples of “1 hit wonder women” would be: Annie, Humera Arshad and I can go on with a few more. What I am talking about is we need more people like Noor Jehan, Hadiqa Khayani, Munni Begum, etc…

Like I am sure you get the point from where I am coming from. I would love to see a all girls band in Pakistan. I think that would make them the next Junoon! but more hotter and better maintained (Nice SILKY long hair, make-up with a nice touch, and that new perfume from London!).

But I am sure this wont happen anytime soon because Pakistan really isn’t modern yet. And no! if your party has Grey Goose, Johnny Walker, and the best hard liquor line with a rice pool at a local Lahore Farm house doesn’t mean your modern. It just means your in the mind perception that you are modern but you really are not. The reason why Pakistan wont be modern is because of our political peeps in control.

I encourage women who have talent and who are hiding because they don’t want to either offend there parents, get beaten, or loose that “Ristha Business Deal” is to come out and make a Union! and fight for the cause of music and women liberation! heck, if you want. Shoot me an email at

info@raakiniqbal.com and ill help you there!

Seriously, I think this is the time where we need to show some skin talent!

PS. Seriously….this is sad

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