You just can’t Tour the USA after ONE HIT SINGLE!

by Raakin Iqbal

So like I have been getting a lot of heat from people in Pakistan for my recent Tour I just produced in the USA. They had said, why did you choose an artist who hasn’t released an album since 2005! Why not someone recent? The reason why I choose who choose is because they are the band who have something out that is very catchy, and have the reputation of putting on a great performance. Like you will never find Pakistani Band sing Queens, Sum 41, etc…The event overall was profitable. I have no complains…I enjoyed there visit! People are after me to produce another tour here for EID and I am like..dude…I have Fall semester to deal with..but ill see if I can “fart” out a tour… But the band requests I am getting are for bands which have only SUNG one song! and you cant really charge the average $20.00 per ticket for ONE SONG! I would only pay $5.00 for a band like that. Here is my checklist of what I go through before I make any decision!

1.) Will they sell?
2.) Is there music Unique?
3.) Will they sell?
4.) Must have atleast 2 Bollywood Hit Tracks
5.) Will they sell?
6.) Are they going to make really stupid demands like $8000 per city and if they haven’t even reached point # 4 then please try again…
7.) If they are considered classic….Will they sell? Still?
8.) Do Indians (not Pakistani) know about them?
9.) Do Pakistanis know about them?
10.) Will an Auntie harass me for a photograph with them and then later on say “Jeeatha Roao beta”

and number 11…

Will they sell?

So please..if you want to come to the states…read my basic guidelines…