Why is Atif Aslam so big? : Raakin’s No Offense 2 sense speaking!

by Raakin Iqbal

Lets start with a tribute to..the one and only….Yes the guy who sung “Doori” and made us all an “Aadat” to a new genre of “Desi Music”….Atif Aslam!

Hum kis galli jaa rahey hain
Hum kis galli jaa rahey hain
Apna koi thikana nahi
Apna koi thikana nahi

Armaano ke anjuman mai
Besud hai apni lagan mei
Apna koi fasana nahi
Apna koi fasana nahi


OK! now to my post…Why is he so big? The former lead singer of JAL, The guy who bascally inspired young aspiring musicians to start singing when young and end up on the steps of your college (ahem..with a nice guitar) singing to your fellow school mates..The question really isn’t “Why is he so big and famous that almost 67% of desi women would sneak out of there homes to see his concert?” (Advance apologizes if I offended any hardcore feminist women) BUT the question is…”How is Atif Aslam so big?”

Ok let me break it down for you in a few parts. Its just not one factor which makes him the “Cheez” of the Indian/Pakistani Music Industry.

Factor 1! which we all can hold hands and relate to. His Voice (Mash’Allah)…He has a very hard and passionate voice. It just carries on and just runs with the amusement from his tracks. The only one thing I would give him advice on (If your reading Atif…) is …”your style is repeating it self…like you have 3 different styles from what I have noticed..and you rotate them in increments of 2-1-1-2-3. Break it even more further down. “1” means Style one, “2” means Style 2, and ok, we know what “3” means now. Usually an Artist has atleast 4-6 different styles of singing. Lets just say, the reason Hamesh lost his fan crowd, His music sounds the same…even a deaf person can easily recognize his music. Its THAT OBVIOUS!

Sorry going off topic…..Have this tendency of doing that…sorry mate…

Factor 2! TIPS Audio in India. I must admit, the type of marketing and promotional campaign that TIPS Audio did for his is bloody amazing! Tips knew that b4u music is becoming a big hit in the USA, so they most likely locked a deal with b4u music, or b4u overall. Second, they got his music into almost every big hit Bollywood number….Tips created this whole “exclusive” deal with him. Some bit of less media contact I believe so. Keeping a very less tab with the media helped him in promoting not the IMAGE of Atif Aslam, but the MUSIC of Atif Aslam (will tell you that part later in this runt!).

Factor 3! JAL. JAL had a what you call in a journalism class the “Hook”. Because of JAL, he got an entry in as a Artist overall. Like dont fell bad Atif about this factor. Nearly 98% of Solo artist who were in bands do what you did….So far I think Shafqat Ammanth Ali is the only one who got fame, other than his singing, but cause he is the son the great Usted Ustad Amanat Ali Khan.

and my favorite factor which people dont really recognize…its really “under the radar” per say!

Factor 1.2 (I am going to call it 1.2 cause its my favorite and keeping the best for last): Shahbaz Aslam. 2 Words..SHAHBAZ ASLAM!….do I need to hammer it in? Let me start with a quick intro. Shahbaz Aslam is Atif’s brother. I am sure the “Aslam” part really got ya 😉 Shahbaz is also his manager. He is the guy who goes out day in and day out, get these domestic gigs, Tips Contract, etc…and gets him where he is sees his brother can excell even MORE! He is what I call a determine man (reminds me of me)…he aims-sets-a goal and gets the job done very slick, nice, and smooth….because of Shahbaz, Atif is where he is right now. Enough with the complicated paragraphs Raakin, give is a CHART!


Atif>JAL>Atif leaves JAL>Shahbaz picks it up>Shahbaz gets his local/domestic contracts>major expoure routes> Shahbaz locks up TIPS deal>TIPS does what they do best..Marketing> Atif basically “Rock’n Rolls” to desi’s Ipods and favorite Bollywood movies.

So ok Raakin, where is he now?

Well let me start this off as, The few things I give Atif on which I rarely see in the DESI Music Industry is being “consistent”.

Like an Desi Artist will release 1 album after 3-6 years! and tour the living lights out of there album…Atif on the other hand does it like how it is suppose to be done…like How I have seen it here in the U.S.A Music Industry at most times…He releases an album, tours a little bit, does promotions, and boom back to working on the next album. Like I believe (if my sense are still working at 4:15 AM in the morning), he released 2 albums alone in 2007/2008 and still toured U.K, India, Pakistan, and the U.S.A. He basically maintains what he does best…that is keeping the crowd wanting for more!

and yes. The Final factor why he is so big is very easy….its cause of his loving fans! who love Atif Aslam..Who make sure they join his “Facebook Fan Page” and sing his songs at PSA fashion shows! (cause I guess this generation of PSA followers really have forgotten any other form of Pakistani music ).

So as I start to bring this post to a close, Do you believe that Atif is the next “Adnan Sami”? Is Atif still even considered a “Pakistani Music Creation”? or did he “lift ker ha kay” his career out of Pakistan and into India? You decide that…..