We are back!

by Raakin Iqbal

Hello Everyone! I am quite sure you all noticed that it has been quite a while since I have updated my blog. Well I had a few things come by my way which I feel I should updated everyone on. Well a while back I co-produced an interfaith comedy event which featured a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, and Sikh comedians. The show was total sold out show. Amazing response and had some press coverage as well. Well there is state department website called “http://www.america.gov” and they were kind to come and feature the event. Well the article can be read on


Mr. By Ralph Dannheisser, who wrote the article said that there were a few lines which were apparently cut off due to size but they go something like this:

“To call Iqbal a Type A personality would be shortchanging him: He is more of an AAA — as in the battery type.

I am not sure how my personality goes. Its for you judge. Well anyways, I will keep updating this blog. I will try making it more of a habit now.

Thanks for reading!