Pakistani Television

by Raakin Iqbal

Is Pakistani Television television progressing in the right direction? What about the powerful news industry which is underway? Well my personal opinion on both of those questions is “Somewhat”. Well what I have noticed within the entertainment television channels such as ARY Digital and GEO television, the dramas are progressing and being produced in higher quality camera film such as a 35mm then as compared to the old classic hand held which have been used for over quite some time. Actually it seems allot of GEO’s drama have that clean camera crisp within there production.
ARY seems to have a more genuine story lines. The one thing which irritates me about this one drama is “Teri Pehlo Main” which they have changed their beginning/intro and incorporated the “Khana Kaba” (Allah’s Home in Mecca). Which I believe is a BIG MISTAKE! HOW IN GOD’s GREEN EARTH ARE YOU GOING TO MIX RELIGION AND ENTERTAINMENT IN ONE 30 MIN SEGMENT. That is me mixing Islam and Atheism in a book and preaching it as a new religion (being sarcastic) (God forbid). And also in the background your singing the theme song, that is very wrong. I mean very wrong. Anyways, that is my rattle about Pakistani television,
I will be back later on in the week or month (depending which new adventure Huqa takes me on)…