Artist Professionalism

by Raakin Iqbal

When people view artist, their lifestyle, their cars, or/and their homes they presume that that artist has everything in life given to them easy. But really that is not the case, many of them work day in and day out, stretching their vocals, exercising and testing out new voice recording equipment to see which equipment gives out the best quality in sound. So just like us, Artist do have a full time job and they only make big if their albums top international charts. Their wealth and income is never measured by their looks and personality but by the albums they sell at the local corner shop or even now on iTunes.
Now you ask how does an Artist act professional? A key thing in being professional is 1.) having a manager. The someone can be your best friend, wife, uncle and, even your own parents. The reason why I say that is when companies such as Huqa Entertainment prefer dealing with people who have a manager (artist only, not performers).
Now some artist prefer doing the managing themselves which is absolutely ok, but then you have other things to worry about and certain image precautions. What do I mean? Lets say there was a situation and you (artist) need more money what do you do? Well if you are managing your self then it will look bad on your end as people will assume you are very needy and will only help you cause they feel pity for you. Whereas a manager can go on your behalf, while you are stressing those vocals of yours, and gain you more gigs and press coverage, etc…
When hiring a manager you 1.) Should make sure he/she is professional and has some commonsense. Now I will not name any names of managers who I have worked in the past with, but man were they stupid. Lets say bands tend to you have this issue of hiring stupid managers then as popstars do. Now I do not know why its like that but bands tend to have the bad side of luck and being unfortunate of having such a band management team.
As far Management teams run, an artist MUST have a strong and reputable management team in the background as far as international promotion goes. Why? Well lets say you are in Pakistan and you are coming to the United States either to shoot a movie, music video, or to just do a simple tour you need special care. I do remember Huqa Entertainment does have a program for incoming South Asian Artist to the United States where we take them out and show them the best time of their lives here, but A good and strong management team must be able to stand up on your behalf and take care of you when you come into their territory. Here is a really good team I know of:

Huqa Entertainment

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