The Internet….is LinkedIN

by Raakin Iqbal

The other day one of my friends referred me to a website called “LinkedIN” which is targeted towards a professional working crowd whereas MySpace, Hi5, and Facebook (and many more to to say) is geared towards the typical college, high school and maybe a few working professionals hidden within the many networks the site offers. Believe it or not, Huqa Entertainment has its own Network on Facebook which in my personal motivation does mean allot to me.

But anyways, off topic, LinkedIN is the type of network which I can connect to working class professionals such as Broak Obama (I ran into his profile), and Imran Siduqqui (Voice of America Senior Producer) and many more. So in a sense I feel I am not just surrounded by friends like it is with Facebook, but with people whom I can connect to in a professional manner and even maybe do some business in the Future….

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