Many Thoughts….

by Raakin Iqbal

Many Thoughts

Well it seems to be quite irritating when someone fails to realize that you are trying to ignore them, or put them to the side for a while. Now I am not sure how you can deliver the message that your really not in the mood of talking, committing, or to even continue general conversation its just, please leave me alone type of ordeal. How can I tell them, and still maintaining the kind personality reputation I still hold up amongst my fellow colleagues & friends? This stuff is very quite new to me, because I was born and taught to basically “give-in” and be their best friend. But as I started to grow up, I started realizing that the world has people who will take advantage of you because you quite look young for a business transaction or face to face potential client meeting.
But when you realize, after doing the all the work for that “potential” client and later he/she becomes a regular active client and all the {C-word} you get from them just made you realize that trip you made, the gas you wasted, and key: the time and effort which you will never get back is gone just makes you re-think of business practices or I have seen some kids around my age which just drop the products and quite and become some drug dealers around Washington D.C or here in Woodbridge.
Back to my main sentence point, when you drop that client you cant just say “O…I didn’t like how to deal business, so we are doing to drop you”. But instead you need a slick and sly statement which cut them off your client base but then yet make you and your entity seem professional. But the most irritating thing is when they try to reconnect with you like 3 years later and when you do a background company search to see how much progress they have…it’s still the same amount they had is when you left them.